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Our expert list of interventional procedures was developed by interventional trainees with reference to the IR training curriculum and covers arterial, venous and non-vascular interventions.

If our extensive list of procedures still doesn’t include what you’re looking for then adding a custom procedure is the work of seconds. If we think it’s a serious omission from our database, we’ll roll out your new suggestion to all our IR users.

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    Interventional Radiology Procedures

    Non-vascular intervention
    • Biliary drain insertion / removal
    • Biliary tract embolisation
    • CT abdo/pelvic drain
    • CT abdo/pelvic mass biopsy
    • CT lung biopsy
    • Cholangiogram
    • Cholecystostomy
    • Cryoablation of renal tumour
    • Fluoroscopic PTX drain
    • Fluoroscopic guided lumbar puncture
    • Fluoroscopic nasogastric tube insertion
    • Fluoroscopic nasojejunal tube insertion
    • Nephrostomy
    • Nephrostomy exchange
    • Oesophageal stent
    • PD catheter insertion
    • PD catheter manipulation
    • PD catheter removal
    • PTC & internal / external drain
    • PTC & metal stent
    • PTX drain
    • Permenant ascitic drain
    • Permenant chest drain
    • RFA kidney
    • RFA liver
    • RFA lung
    • RIG insertion / exchange
    • RIGJ insertion / exchange
    • Renal cyst aspiration / sclerosis
    • Suprapubic catheter placement
    • Transrectal drain placement
    • Transvaginal drain placement
    • US abdo/pelvis collection drain
    • US abdo/pelvis mass biopsy
    • US ascitic drain
    • US chest drain
    • US liver biopsy
    • US lung biopsy
    • US renal biopsy
    • US spleen biopsy
    • Ultrasound balloon dilatation
    • Ultrasound guided lymph node biopsy
    • Ureteric stent
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Xper-guided abdo/pelvic drain
    • Xper-guided kidney biopsy
    • Xper-guided lung biopsy
    Vascular – arterial
    • Angiography (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    • Angioplasty (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    • Embolisation (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    • Endoleak repair
    • Endovascular artic aneurysm repair
    • Stenting (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    • Thrombin injection of pseudoaneurysm
    • Thrombolysis (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    Vascular – venous
    • Adrenal vein sampling
    • Embolisation (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)
    • Femoral line insertion
    • Fistula thrombectomy
    • Fistulogram / fistuloplasty
    • IVC filter insertion / removal
    • Lymphangiogram
    • PICC line insertion
    • Port-A-Cath insertion / removal / study
    • TIPS
    • Transjugular liver biopsy
    • Tunnelled line insertion / removal
    • Venoplasty (comprehensive list of sites and vessels)